Unlock your creativity and ignite your passion for textiles in this outdoor oasis with our interactive workshops.

Our Packages

Go from customer to creator with any of our workshops designed to expand your knowledge of textiles and build your skills.

  • Introduction to the Art of Resist Dyeing

    Create your first or next signature tie-dye piece! Learn tying techniques, colour mixing and so much more in our Resist Dyeing workshop.

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  • Introduction to the Art of Discharge Dyeing

    Explore the beauty of removing colour to create textures and patterns on fabric with our Discharge Dyeing workshop.

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  • Introduction to the Art of Eco Dyeing with Rust

    Waste not, want not! Our Eco Dyeing with Rust workshop is your opportunity to express your creativity in a environmentally conscious way, using rusty objects to create colour and texture on fabric.

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A Glimpse Into the Experience